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Holistic Business Solutions


Unlock Your Business Potential with XiriuS

As a business owner, you possess invaluable insights into your company. Yet, many businesses struggle to grow. Why? Because they lack a holistic approach.

At XiriuS, we don't just provide answers; we empower you. Our unique blend of business coaching and technical expertise guides you toward crafting optimal solutions. We view your company as a cohesive unit, where every aspect influences the whole.


Our coaching approach to software development ensures you find the right answers. Together, we'll address challenges, measure progress, and identify the best services. With our guidance, you'll discover the solution that propels your business forward.

Ready to unlock your potential? Let's connect!

Website Design

At XiriuS, we create stunning websites that showcase your brand, attract customers, and boost sales and brand recognition.

Proudly run and operated by American-based IT professionals, we understand small business owners and provide the maximum value possible to help you grow. We are experts in multi-disciplines and want to be your trusted advisor.

SAP B1 Custom Development

XiriuS Business Solutions specializes in developing custom add-ons and integration into SAP Business One.

We have worked with many SAP partners and end users, helping them implement and customize solutions for their customers.


We understand the SAP Business One data model and API and have developed both DI (Data interface) and UI custom applications. We have worked with the SAP business for over 15 years, including SQL and HANA, on-prem, and the cloud. Combined with our expertise in full-stack custom software development, we can develop complete business solutions integrated into SAP Business One.

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